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PentestBox v2.3 Released


This is short update about changes in new version.

  • Python2, Ruby, Perl, Java Development Kit, Curl were upgraded to latest version.
  • Python3 support is added.(call be called as “python3” from the terminal.)
  • Bettercap is added.
  • Some python3 tools like dirsearch are added.
  • All the tools which were present in earlier version were upgraded.
  • Windows 10 Complete support, it was there before but some recent version of windows broke some UI functionality.

Now after the technical things, i would like to thank you everyone who have supported PentestBox. It really means a lot to me for all love and affection you guys have given to this project.

I guess most of the people who are reading this might have this question, why it took so long to release an update?

Actually from the starting of PentestBox, i made it like that so that it can work without any updates for longer periods of time. Let me clarify how it does that.

  • Most of the tools in PentestBox are fetched directed from their github repository.
  • In case there isn’t any github repository then i have created a github repository for those tools with their binaries on Github.com/PentestBox.
  • So the “update” command updates the source code of all the tools, so tools are updated whether you download latest version or not.
  • Only thing is Python, Ruby, Java Development Kits are not updated through “update” command.

I made this design while keeping user perspective in mind because anyone whether it is me or someone else will be irriated if he needs to download 2GB of file everytime to keep tools updated, and that too in 2018.

But due to some changes in windows 10 5 months ago, most of windows 10 users were affected. Also there were some problems with one or two ruby based tools. And all this problems came when i was having some health and other issues, so it took me quite longer than it should have.

There has been no day from past 6 months on which i have not received emails, messages on faceboook page, post on forum about these issues. I’m really sorry for what had happened and the trouble you have to go through because of me but i wish things were in my control, this situation would have never arised.

Below are the download links:

PentestBox :

PentestBox with Metasploit:

If you have any questions or any issues, please email me at [email protected] .